Dead Flower’s Kaleidoscope
Public · By Dead Flowers
  • On Friday January 18th Dead Flowers presents it’s third edition of “Kaleidoscope”, variety show at Love City’s Derby Ink Garden. The age of evol is finally here and according to the Mayans we are living in post apocalyptic times. Dead Flower’s revels in it and so should you. The dark ages are back and better then ever. Our circus is going goth! Bring out your Dead!

    DJ set by: 

    The Visitors (Ceremony @ The Bathaus, Modern Blood @ The Raven Lounge)

    Live music by:


    Sideshow performances by:

    Magick Mike
    Lady Katie Kill
    Surly Temper
    Queen Yareli
    Rae Mae
    & more

    Hosted by Mister E. + co.

    Palm readings by Mama Alma

    18 + event/21 + to drink

    Refreshments for sale



    Doors open @ 8pm

    Come join us for a night of comedy, music, lust and astounding feats. Dead Flowers: We speak your name.

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