Myron Berman may be about to realize a decades-long dream of putting a giant wall wrap on the office building he owns on North Seventh Street, just north of Callowhill Street.

Council has passed a bill letting Berman erect a seven-story high, illuminated billboard across the southern face of his building.  The bill is on Mayor Nutter’s desk.

It’s a sweet deal for Berman and for a few select schools.  As part of the deal to let him put up the billboard — in violation of city, state and federal law — Berman has promised to donate a share of the profits to the home and school associations of three nearby elementary schools. News reports say the deal could amount to $125,000 per school each year.  (I seriously doubt it, but that’s what the papers say.)

Can anyone think of any reason why we shouldn’t all support this win-win situation for our cash-strapped schools?

I can think of five reasons.

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