This August – for one night only – Grizzly Grizzly will be showcasing live performance works from a select group of eleven artists living in the Philadelphia/New York City region. The event will feature six different performances, unfolding over the course of the evening in the Grizzly Grizzly space and adjoining floor. Molly Denisevicz, Nadine Guerrera, Peter Morgan, Jordan Graw & Jared Burak, Adam Lovitz & Vince Johnson & Ritz Reynolds, and Kris Harzinski & Will Haughery & Chester Zecca will be – sometimes simultaneously – engaging the audience with radical, funny, mysterious, and off-putting actions and reactions. Like a popsicle on a hot August night, it will be both delightful and sticky.

(via Grizzly Grizzly : August 2012)