The A LIST will be performing live improvised theater in order to raise funds for their new home, A and E Studio. The A LIST performs short-form improv – similar to the format of the incredibly popular “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” However, The A LIST brings to the stage a unique brand of improv fueled by cinema and pop culture. An A LIST evening, however, is sure to offer more than just a show; there will be music, special guests, beverages, food, and fun – all included at one price! Thus, ensuring a wonderful addition to A and E Studio.

About A and E Studio: A and E Studio – which stands for ‘Arts and Exercise Studio’ – is a low-cost venue which provides fitness and performance options for artists and other persons with limited or otherwise inconsistent income. It will also serve as the primary home of The A LIST, which will allow them an unprecedented ability to build and design a more complete entertainment expereince on a regular basis than is otherwise possible at other venues. 

The A LIST hopes you can help them accomplish their goal of raising the funds to complete their performance space, all the while delighting audiences with thier high-energy performances which often leave audiences laughing but always leaves them entertained.

It will be a blockbuster event… in a black-box environment.

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RANDOM is a concept party that is truly, well, random!

All Classics. All Genres. All Night.

The idea is based on a party performance/dj show that is free from the confines of specific genres or labels. 

The goal is to create an atmosphere where individuality is embraced free from judgement whereas people can come together under the worlds most powerful language, MUSIC.

This edition of RANDOM will be PUTS (#random-puts) Party Under The Stairs, which will reflect on memories of basement parties from your adolescent days.  We’ll being playing a variety of music with a strong focus on the 1990’s/early 2k with a mix of todays classics.

We will be celebrating the birthdays of:

Jay Ski (Skratch Makaniks, Bunji, WDAS), Diva Bleu (Lbs), JayfromJerz (HipHop since 4eva) Slay Dogg (Barbarians MC) Cortney (Curly Locs), Mantel Amey Visual Arts, Najla Roane Dennis, MC Elixir and a host of other Leos/VIRGOS

This edition is sponsored by Crumbled Thoughts clothing

This will take place in the Underground Arts,  a new 12,000-square-foot venue currently under development located at 1200 Callowhill Street in Philadelphia, PA. 

PICS from the last episode

Admission: Age 21+ $5 admission with RSVP before 11pm

Dress: As with all RANDOM parties, costumes and party favors are not only welcomed but encouraged! So throw on some face paint, put on last years halloween costume or simply show as yourself.


Expect fun but everything else will be RANDOM!

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In a makeshift office space inside the Goldtex construction site at 12th and Wood streets, lead construction manager Al McVicker opens a file cabinet drawer, pulls out a homemade weapon and slaps it on the desk. It’s a flat slab of metal the size of a brick, with seven crooked nails thicker than pencils welded to the base, jutting upward.

“How’s that for your story?” McVicker, 54, says to me, adding that he found the nail bomb stuck in the tire of a delivery truck a week earlier.

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Two images from are currently on display in this exhibition!


Tucked away near the corner of 50th and Baltimore is the new Seeds Gallery, which promotes artists from right here in West Philly. The gallery is small but spirited, containing work at last Saturday’s grand opening from artists and photographers including Charles Barbin, Bob Bruhin, Russell Brodie, and Jeremy Fahringer.

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DEVELOPER Eric Blumenfeld, who said in March he was eyeing the Divine Lorraine Hotel, is making moves to reacquire the once-stately hotel on North Broad Street.

“We’re certainly optimistic that [the owners] will transfer the property to Eric and his company so the building can be redeveloped,” Alan Greenberger, the city’s deputy mayor for economic development, said Friday.

Greenberger said Blumenfeld is about “midstream in the process” of buying the hotel, at Fairmount Avenue.

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